Shopping Cart Alert At this moment, the shopping cart is not quite ready.  To be exact, I’m having trouble figuring out how to ensure that shipping costs to our customers is 1 small deck of cards about 80 cents to ship, a larger 5 kilo box of cards about $35.00 to ship.  Our principles will not allow us to charge any more for shipping than it actually costs. This involve creating a fairly complex formula but it is the last thing needed to get the cart up and running so that you can easily place orders for what you wish from the site. I am working on this very hard and hope to have it up soon. In the mean time, please do use mail/email/phone call methods for ordering until I have figured this out to satisfaction. Thanks very much for your patience. Alison Dorosh PO Box 560 Squamish, British Columbia Canada     V8B 0A5 Phone: 604 898-5033 email: